Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should we hire Pro-Turf for bark blowing when we can install the mulch by hand on our own?
Our Finn Bark Blower truck is the most time & cost effective method to install bark mulch available today. Our trucks can install up to 200 yards per day. We only apply the exact amount of material necessary, and the rest of it stays in our truck, so you will have no messy pile of excess material in your yard. Clients often see a 15-20% reduction in the quantity of mulch used when compared to hand installation.

Our backyard is hard to reach, with an area that is too steep to do with a wheelbarrow, can you handle this?
Our trucks have long hoses, so we can reach virtually any area that needs mulching without leaving behind tire tracks in your lawn.

Our property is very busy during the day, do you have night or weekend appointments available?
If you prefer that we do your bark blowing after business hours, we will gladly accommodate an evening, weekend or overnight time frame. You will arrive the next morning to find a clean, fresh appearance to your business with no disturbance to your daily operations.

What will the finished product look like?
The materials we use are applied at a much more uniform rate than doing it by hand, which greatly reduces the amount of material used. Bark mulch is applied with great accuracy, leaving your existing landscape undamaged & creating a smooth, finished, "blown in" look that is not possible to achieve when done by hand.

Which types of properties does Pro-Turf service?
Our services are available to anyone who needs mulch. We service everything from small homes to large university campuses.

Is there a minimum amount of mulch required for service?
We have a 10 yard minimum for our bark blowing service locally, and a 1 truck minimum in locations outside of our local area.

What other services does Pro-Turf offer?
We are a full service landscape contractor offering hydroseeding, irrigation, property maintenance & commercial snow management. Visit our website for more info.