We are highly experienced in playground mulch application. We use certified playground chips for a safe and clean playground at your home, your school, or for your municipality.


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We install thousands of yards of playground chips each year from March to December.

Our experienced technicians pay special attention to high-risk fall zones such as the bottom of slides, and under swings.

Our IPEMA certified playground chips are made of natural wood and ideal for a soft play area base in either a backyard or a playground. 

The recommended installation depth on playground chips is 12", which provides good fall protection, even after settling occurs. We highly recommend a fresh layer of 6-8" of playground chips be applied annually for the highest safety. 

We provide the mulch, the labor, and the cleanup. Your playground will look brand new, be safer, and the kids will love it.

Options are available to have mulch installed outside of school hours or overnight to minimize the impact on daytime traffic and/or classroom disruptions. We also offer the option of arriving with full trucks to avoid the need to dump mulch piles onsite. 

If you have multiple playgrounds that require playground chip installation, we offer quantity discounts. There is a 15 yard minimum on playground chip installations.  

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Reach out and we can make a plan and get you a quote right away!